T for tiger !

I am pretty sure most of you ( at least my friends and family ) knows that I am all about tiger conservation. It’s only recently that I started help raise awareness using my social media and this is also one of the reasons why I decided to create this blog so I can reach out to more people and hopefully continue update about the wildlife conservation that’s happening around the world.

Unlike Nepal, Malaysia is still struggling to provide a proper tiger sanctuary for the Malayan tigers. At the moment, we have about 250 – 300 tigers that we are aware of in Malaysia. I’ve always loved the cat family. They are fierce and strong but at the same time so graceful. What made me actively follow updates on tigers in Malaysia was due to several tragedy that happened recently in February. You can checkout the devastating article here . I took a step further now that I am capable of helping by doing a fundraiser under WWF Malaysia. Now, now don’t think just because you are 12 years old or younger you are not capable of making a change. Everyone can make a difference. There are many ways you can help and I believe for young kids out there, the best place to start is your school. Get everyone including your teachers to be involved. My advice is dream big, start early 🙂 Okay so back to the fundraiser. The fundraiser lasted for a month and my target was MYR500. While I was happy that I’ve exceeded my target within that one month, I believe we Malaysians can do better than that as individuals. Personally, I believe a certain amount should be given back to the society, especially mother nature since we utilize most of what they offer to us anyway.

Some of you must be thinking what good is the wildlife to the country ? We should focus more on our economy and inflation in Malaysia is so high people got other worries besides donating to the wildlife.

Yes, inflation can be a bit scary especially if you’re supporting a big family. But the good thing about contributing to tiger preservation and other wildlife is that, not only we teach our nation empathy and that there has to be a balance between the wellbeing of the environment and economy but also we create a huge range of job opportunities. Yes, more work for our citizens. So why not support such good cause ? The economy is not the only thing that can create job opportunities. Let’s say we increase the tiger population in Malaysia, don’t you think we will need more vet to take care of the growing population ? We will need more rangers and don’t forget that this job also allows more ‘orang asli’ who are comfortable living in the forest to enter the work field. Check out this article about how the translocated elephants are disturbing the ‘orang asli’ and what is the possible solution to this problem. It is possible that we can use their expertise and provide jobs for them at the same time. We will have job opportunities for researches and boost outdoor tourism as well. Many people love Malaysia and its tropical season. The beach, the sun, the forest and all that exotic adventure; people love it. All of this opportunities just for preserving our nature, I say why not ? And yes although it may take millions and a long time to achieve this, I believe that if all citizens of Malaysia care for wildlife preservation this is not something impossible. If you think donating MYR 5 has no effect, think again. If there are about 500,000 citizens donating the same amount, we would have a total of MYR 2,500,000 worth of donation. Imagine what we can achieve with that amount of money provided it is allocated efficiently. I think it’s all worth it and I hope this changes your perception towards donating for the wildlife too.

Our donation will be an investment to the country and it’s a long term investment that brings positive outcomes.

But I mostly do it because I am happy knowing that I try my best giving back to the society by helping those who needs help, especially the animals since we are responsible for them. I believe it’s sort of a therapy for me knowing that my actions will help others for a good cause. If you believe in preserving tigers and that we should take action in Malaysia so no more tigers are sacrificed due to accidents and poaching, sign this petition that was created by MYCat a while ago . Also , checkout this inspiring article by WWF UK about how they converted a person from being an animal poacher to a ranger !

If you wish to support tiger conservation in Malaysia , there are a few non-profit organizations but my personal favourite are these two :
WWF Malaysia

You can also check out the latest article about a conference that is happening soon in the effort to double up the number of tigers. This is a good piece of article with tiger statistics in several countries.

There are many ways you can help; one of it is to be a volunteer or the easiest is donate. As for me, I do a monthly donation to WWF UK by adopting a tiger. I pay about £3 a month ( it’s not even a huge amount, trust me ) and the fund goes to the tigers in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. But if you want to be more specific and contribute to the wildlife in Malaysia you can also fundraise like what I did since I’m right now in the UK and volunteering option in Malaysia is not possible when I’m thousand miles away. Of course there are also similar adoption scheme under WWF Malaysia if you prefer to do monthly donation which is equally good. If you want to do a fundraising event, you can have a look at this web , it is a very popular fundraising web for individuals n charities . It takes literally 5 minutes to set up a profile and people don’t have to worry if the money goes to other people or the charity organisation because it goes straight to the charity’s fund. You don’t have to deal with any bank transactions, everything is pretty much taken care of. It’s secure n safe too. Definitely a good web to encourage more people to donate. There is also another type of fundraising where you set up a stall , sell things and donate the money to charity which is amazing too because you can reach out to more people and help create awareness at the same time.

Together, I believe we can make a difference in Malaysia for our wildlife. Here’s a photo that was posted during World Wildlife Day. This photo is so impactful for me and I hope it does for you too #saveourtiger



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