Recycling – the effort

I watched an amazing recycling workshop video recently and I think it even went viral on Facebook. You can check it out yourself here if you don’t believe me. The video got me thinking what is it about recycling that is so difficult for us? Honestly, I too don’t find it easy and it’s always putting in that extra effort for me. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m throwing in the correct recycling bin or I should put it in the waste bin. Imagine teaching kids about recycling when you’re also struggling to figure out yourself.

What we often neglect is the purpose of recycling. It is as easy as pie to tell people we recycle paper to avoid cutting more trees , reduce wastage and all the facts. But the difference is that how it gives an impact to our lives. Would you take recycling lightly if by not doing so you will suffer a huge loss on income ? Obviously you’ll take it more seriously because it affects you directly right in your face. We hardly feel the difference because we don’t actually see the outcome of recycling and how it affects us directly. You can recycle tonnes of papers and that’s about it. You wouldn’t know what happens beyond that. It’s sort of like a responsibility but you’re doing it without knowing what will happen next. Like a robot who knows the facts but doesn’t feel how recycling changes the world.

This video shows us what recycling can do that would be ours. How we can invent and create through recycle items. Giving your children the opportunity to know what that recycle item can become will encourage them to recycle. Not only that, I think it is a form of education to enhance the creativity skills. In order for us to give an impactful reason for recycling is to actually get involved in the process itself. This is so we will be able to do it with a purpose, not follow blindly or do it when there is a campaign. Which again brings to my point that the video has some really good ideas we could adopt. Maybe we should start looking into our recycling campaign and revise the methods we use to tackle this problem.

Anyway, here’s some things you can do so you can help reduce wastage:

  • Finish your food . Not everyone gets to eat that much every day.
  • Bring your own containers when you take away food from restaurants.
  • Recycle your clothes – get creative and transform it into something else or you can always recycle to clothing shops (H&M and M&S accepts recycle clothes in exchange for vouchers)
  • Always bring a spare recycling bag ! (you never know when it comes handy)
  • Fold your paper into half when you write notes. That way you won’t waste the space
  • Try making your own paper and who knows you can make a new notebook out of it !

There are many other ways you can get creative about recycling. Just Google about it and you’re ready to go with a brand new project ! Teach your children about recycling and get creative about it instead of just telling them which recycle bin is for the plastic bottle.

Remember, it’s the purpose that matters.


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