Getting there, folks

Earlier today I had a learning development workshop on my frontrunner experience and what got me writing today is about our goals in life. Everyone wants something in this life – it can be as simple as getting good grades to having a stable income or a happily ever after relationship. Which is common really because it is normal for us to want the best for ourselves. What makes us all different is the journey we face to achieve those goals. Some of us have it easy, things just go well for them from the beginning and they hardly need to sweat to get what they want. Some of us work hard to be where they are today , but that does not mean that the previous category do not deserve what they have. But I would say that each and every one of us have a different story to share which is why we should never envy others for their success.

Close up of human hand drawing business plan with chalk

Here’s a picture I got online from a website about the road to success. See, it’s not all smooth and straight forward. Sometimes, the road may be a bit unclear for you and you aren’t sure what to expect. This all comes back to the objective of your goals. When you hit a dead end or a hazy road, you must always ask yourself what is your objective. Why did you choose this road ? What you wish out of it ? And if you walk down a path for the sake of giving yourself a wider option, then ask yourself instead how can you make the most from that path or is it wise to change direction ? Very often we find ourselves in a disappointing position especially when it’s a difficult journey. You feel demotivated and helpless nothing seem to work out at the moment. I’ve had my share of disappointments too and mainly is because I feel I wasn’t good enough to meet my expectations. Lots of tears were involved, trust me. But what I learned today is that no experience is bad experience. All those disappointments, bumpy roads were in a way good experiences too but it’s up to you to see the positive side of it. As for me, I fail more times than I can ever count and that taught me about perseverance. I come out stronger mentally and am well prepared to face challenges I never thought I would encounter. The most important thing about your journey is that never compare your story with others. Everyone is different. You may take a longer time to reach where you want to be compared to others but that does not mean that you are lacking. Just because everyone is racing to reach the finish line that does not mean that by joining them you will have an advantage. Sometimes or maybe for most of the case it’s always better to find your pace and follow your own rhythm. Do not be pressured by the environment, which is difficult I know but you got to know what are your capabilities and your own strength. Also, it’s important that throughout your journey you are able to learn as it’s not about crossing the finishing line first but about what you gain from the journey. So if you’re finding it difficult or you feel that the climb is too much at the moment, take a deep breath and relax. Once you’re ready , challenge yourself again and by then I’m sure you’ll be determined enough you won’t have trouble climbing any walls or crossing any bridges. And one more thing I would like to add, never ever sell yourself short. Do not doubt yourself thinking that you cannot make it. We all have potentials, some realize early while some has yet to discover their potentials. What I do usually so I don’t forget all my little achievements; I review them and write what I got out of it so it’ll be a reminder that I have done this and this and I should be able to face the next challenge just fine like I did previously. So when you have the chance to do something new, something truly out of your comfort zone I say go grab that chance. Who knows what you could discover about yourself.

For the people out there who think that their life is full of negativity, snap out of it and be positive about your experiences. You may have gone through a terrible experience, but that does not mean it will be that way forever. One day, hopefully today you will overcome that hurdle and a clear, beautiful road awaits for you. You know something similar to how the rainbow comes after the rain , sort of. Our journey is full of good experiences , ones that will make you stronger and full of confident. And never forget to always look back to your objectives so you know where to start again when you hit a dead end.


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