Society can be mean

How so?

I am not saying the kind of cruel that abuse others or torture animals, no not that kind of cruelty although it does exist sadly. What I’m saying is how we succumb easily to society’s judgements. Look around and you can see how hungry we are to get society’s approval, to ‘belong’ and be part of them. I’m not sure about other countries but from where I come from, your grades are used to measure how smart you are, or not. If you start failing subjects, people around you and even parents will start getting mad and they do all kinds of things to make sure you ace. But I often ask myself, if a kid is just not good in something and you invest so much in that particular something just so you can obtain a grade A, is it really worth it ? All those investment could have been for something your kid truly likes and who knows for that same amount of investment, the kid will probably not just ace but become a genius in that particular area.

Education is so much more than grades and I cannot understand why society uses grades to measure intellegence level of the youth. Easy example is the science and art stream. Just because you join the science stream you become among the best and you get all the attention while other students are neglected to study and struggle on their own. Many , many times people have proved that getting good grades does not mean you are smart and bullet proof. Because we are so affected by how society view education, we tend to forget our own strength. Children disappointed over and over again because they thought they are a failure when they get lower than grade A. They go so deep to prove that they are worth it and just as smart but they neglect the unique talent they have. We cannot always compare ourselves with the society. That would be cruel to ourselves when you actually worth more than that.

Another example I see every day is how people are willing to go all out just to boast to the society. Some people can spend all their wealth for luxury items because by owning those items they feel that they are part of the society. Well it doesn’t really matter on what you spend when you have lots and lots of money but it’s not really good when you take loans just to own certain luxury items. I’ve seen people getting emotional on social media just because they can’t have those things and they admitted how broke they will be but still proceed. Rationally, spending beyond your limits is a no-no. But people do it often because they want to be accepted by society, because the society puts it that way.

There are so many other examples we see every day and I’m sure if you take a step back you would realize it too.

As I grow older, I’ve seen how society can crush a person’s life without even lifting a finger. I’ve seen how hungry people are for society’s approval and that is truly scary.

Start telling yourself that it is okay to be different. You are not unworthy just because you’re not like everyone else.



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