Will you take action or simply look?


This was taken from a charity organisation based in UK called World Animal Protection. Can you see what’s the problem with this picture ?
I would have just shake my head if you ask me the same question a few years back. But that was before I found out how animals are treated with such cruelty behind this act they put on as a show for entertainment. It’s where the problem lies, not many people are aware how these animals are treated when they are not being paraded. When I was younger I thought they were treated well and that is why they become tame, because they are loyal to the owners for taking them in. I got excited every time I am close up with a tiger but it striked my mind how weird it is to see a tiger so passive, so emotionless; unlike the glorious and fierce animals they should be by nature. It got me thinking how these tigers are “tamed” and the articles I found about it was horrifying. It is almost impossible to imagine what kind of humans can afford to use such torturous methods just so they can take advantage of the animals’ uniqueness and make money out of it. It’s a shame, really. While some people find it normal to beat up animals and starve them so they listen to you, I personally think that it is wrong and unethical. There are no doubt other ways to find a source of income and although this world can be harsh without money, the animals don’t belong to you or anyone and they shouldn’t be used for your own benefit.

I am not sure if you’ve heard of the ‘Water for Elephant’ movie, the main star was Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon but that movie showed me how animals was living behind the scenes. I remembered I almost stopped watching the movie when the other guy was hitting the elephant over and over again so the elephant gets into training. All for a circus performance which was disgusting.

If you asked me a few years ago, I would have gotten excited if I get to pat a tiger. But today, not anymore. I would rather watch a tiger from far, in their natural form; a fierce & glorious predator. After all, that is how a tiger should be. And that is why they are beautiful.

So say no to animal cruelty. They should be free and not chained. I am supporting this motion to make Tripadvisor stop promoting such cruel entertainment and you can also make a difference by visiting the World Animal Protection website to sign the petition.


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