a note.

This one’s for everyone out there.

There are times in this life you’ll fall so hard you don’t even want to rise again. You’ll get hurt over and over again as you grow older till at one point you just feel numb. You’ll probably fail a test for the first time in your life and it’s not going to be a pretty feeling. Or that time when you lost someone dear to you and you’ll never see this world the same way again. Or that time when you realized that you are different and people hate you for being you. The world can be so challenging you have to convince yourself you’ll get by every single morning because deep down you’re already tired living. Every day you have to put on that cruel mask because if not, people will just step on you. You build your walls because you’ve given up trying to let people in and see that you are not a freak, just different. One day you wake up knowing that you will be a parent. Of course you’re overjoyed with the news, but you’re calculating all sorts of figure at the back of your mind, worrying about how you’ll give the best to the new life you’ll be raising. That time when you feel hopeless with nobody to turn to, all dreams crushed to the ground and everything seems a dead end. You look for comfort everywhere, but no aid came to rescue.

Yes, this world can be cruel and you’ll be disappointed countless number of times you don’t even know if you’re actually disappointed anymore.

What you should know is that, despite all this negativity that’s been going on in life you are not alone.

Never alone.

And if you look hard enough, you’ll realize that beneath all this pain lies happiness. It surrounds you every single day. You just have to open your eyes and celebrate the beauty of life, flawed as it can be.

No words can tell you about how things will be fine tomorrow and there is no point in saying it when nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. But there’s always hope. For a better tomorrow. A better life. It’s what keeps us going. If you’re feeling numb about this life, take a look around you. Find the things that make you feel again, find the hope that will light up your eyes again.

This life can be unfair, painful and everything else negative you name it. But that doesn’t give you the right to lose yourself and drown further.

There are bad times and the good times.  The good times are like gold so treasure them because when you’ve got nothing left in you to face this world, it is the good times that will help you find that courage.

Get up, rise and fight for your happiness. Don’t ever let the dark clouds kill your spirit. You are stronger than you know and if the world constantly challenge you, show them that with every scar, you will shine brighter, bright enough to light up the whole world.


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