world ocean day

Today the world celebrates our ocean. Some of you may not know what is it about ocean that we are talking today. With the rise in issues regarding endangered wildlife, the marine is similarly affected too.

This is why United Nation along with other organizations started campaigned for marine life, dedicating today to those who have fought hard to preserve the ocean in its natural habitat and also to ensure that people are aware of the efforts made to keep the ocean in a well balanced eco system.

The ocean is no longer a habitat for fishes and plants. It is where tonnes and tonnes of waste are being disposed of, making it their home as well. For some reason, although many people realize that items such as plastic bottles are not biodegradable they still throw it as how they wish hoping that it will magically walk to the bin itself or will be carried away somewhere and is not of any concern anymore. Such little things that we find it tedious to do so we take the easy way instead causes harm to others and in this case, the aqua habitat. A recent video was made viral about how a group of youth were helping the turtle by taking out a long stick that was stuck in its nose causing breathing difficulties. There are many cases we are familiar with about finding plastic bags and all sorts of rubbish in a fish’s body and yet we fail to reflect that it is us that are causing the problems. With the change in climate and rise in temperature, not many marine life area able to cope with these changes. Some are even struggling to find a place to call home especially those animals on the north pole. We are consuming more and more seafood as the population grows but at the rate things are going, it is not surprising that we might have a shortage of seafood in few years time. Marine life are having difficulties surviving in the ocean as they have to adapt to the change in climate, facing risk of getting tangled by the rubbish human dispose in the ocean, not to forget they have to face the risk of living surrounded by the toxic waste we pour in the ocean as if the toxic waste is fertilizer.

Many efforts have been done over the years to conserve marine life, but it is not enough. We can conserve so much, but unless we find solutions to the problem there is always the risk of losing the ocean to human destruction. We will be losing yet another habitat to human’s greed for technology and development. It is no doubt that we are able to coexist with the ocean, the forest and not having to destroy another habitat in order for us to consume them. We just need to find the balance in restoring back those that was taken by us humans.

If you think that a small change will not affect the world, you are wrong. There are many things that we can do to help save habitat. It all comes down to mentality and values we practice. As a parent, teach your children to recycle and DIY are always the best weekend activity. It’s creative and it helps for children brain development too. Don’t just talk, show them how it is done and make them do it with you too. Soon it will be a daily routine similar like how we brush teeth in the morning or wake up at 7 am on weekdays. Get them involved at a young age. There are more than just academic education that we have to teach the younger generation. For some reasons, according to some culture in Malaysia if we are to enter the forest we should not simply cut down any tree or even their branches. In fact we should not harm any animal unless for food purposes. Although the advice never taught us why but simply a rule, it helped us understand that other beings deserve respect and we are nobody’s superior on this earth. Teachers and guardians can engage kids with field trip such as clean the beach campaign. Instead of encouraging the kids to focus on purely technological invention, why not help them create eco-friendly technology to sustain the world. The most important thing is to get yourself educated with issues concerning the earth. Get involved more in efforts to protect and conserve the nature. It is after all a joint effort that is required by every one of us living on this planet. We are in no position to be ignorant as this is part of our responsibility. The world came in an order that is perfect for survival. It provided us what we need and over the centuries have changed us from the stone age era to the modern era. Without these lands and nature we are so eager to destroy for wealth and better future opportunities, we wouldn’t have survived in the first place.

So today, make a pledge and change the way you view this world. It is not ours to do as we wish and it is our duty to keep it in balance. Be more considerate of your surrounding and help conserve mother nature.



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