the power of social media.

When you talk about social media, some of the apps that comes to mind is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Generation today connect with people from all around the world through social media. It opens up a new platform for people to expand potentials and unlock endless opportunities. For some of us, we use the social media to express ourselves, to voice out our opinions and to be heard by others. It is also used for tutorials, education, business, news updates and many more. With these apps, a news is able to reach several countries within minutes, or even seconds. And that is how powerful the social media is. It is definitely something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While the social media bring forward many benefits and create unlimited opportunities for people, we often abuse the power of social media and cause destruction. The social media abuse is quite known across the world but in some places it is worse than usual which is alarming. This is a indeed a rising problem in Malaysia as more and more citizens find it okay to shame and condemn others using their social media.

Of course I am not saying that everyone does it, but there are some who finds it funny to point out others’ mistakes thinking that it is the right thing to do. Usually, the more followers you have on social media the tendency to be bullied and abused by such issue is higher. I’ve read lots of comments on Instagram and how some people involve themselves in arguments about how wrong and disgraceful the post is. Vulgar words are often present along with judgmental sentences. And then there are also those who will defend the post which creates a stream of hateful remarks and the blame game starts about this person is no better, go reflect yourself, you’re being jealous, you have no life ; it is impressive to read the amount of negativity in a single post.

It is not even surprising when some people use it as an outlet to express their disagreement about country related issues like posting memes of our ministers or make fun of them. Stating your point on social media to be heard is your right, but making fun out of others out of frustration ; that’s already beyond your rights. Some are even to the point of embarrassing and it just reflects how low we can be.

There is a fine line between advising and condemning others. It is something that we Malaysians should always remind ourselves before hitting that keyboard and type whatever we have in mind. If you think that this isn’t something that shouldn’t be taken seriously, you should think again. To receive comments after comments about negative things about you will mess up your emotions and mind in some ways. We do not know to what extend our words might do to others because that is how powerful words can be. It is not alright to be abused and be abusive on social media regardless of your actions. A negative comment by a single person can create hatred all around the country, punishing a person for a single mistake. Some of us don’t even know who we are punishing as we only follow the trend and join in the blame team but do we realize the consequences of our actions?

Yes, there are times that we read something awful and to not say something is killing you inside. But there are better ways than to publicly shame others or point fingers so people are divided between the good team and the bad team. A decent approach shouldn’t be done publicly, not with a million other readers reading it. Don’t you feel embarrassed when your parents scold you in public about your behavior? Or when you fall in front of thousands of audience only to be laughed at, do you feel fine with it? It is not okay right? Well at least for me it is not. We should avoid saying negative things on social media and first respect others. Instead of fighting over who is right or wrong, what the person should post or not post, shouldn’t we empower each other ? Shouldn’t we be using the social media to widen our horizon and educate ourselves? Instead of telling another girl how disgusting her attitude is shouldn’t we supposed to motivate each other to improve?

This is something we should ponder about as a social media user. The power of social media is amazing and fearsome at the same time. Never abuse the power as you don’t know what the consequences might be. Your words on social media can both lift a person or ruin their future. You have the choice to do good or create a chaos. So before you start typing on the keyboard, think and think again about what you’re about to say. If possible, say only good things, encourage others, empower the people around you to change for the better. Let’s change our mentality from condemning to empowering the people we know.




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