It’s been quite some time since I last posted something on my blog, with internship and everything else going on I hardly have time to blog. This topic have been on my mind for quite some time and it is often a discussion by people from around the world.

What is it about being a women ? We have people fighting for women’s rights,  encouraging gender equality and doing all sorts of things to empower women. As a female myself, I have seen how the women around me grow and do things that are beyond amazing. To me, the word feminism isn’t something to be ashamed of. While some women are doing great things, there are also some in this world who are less fortunate. Us empowering others is simply a way to let others know that you are worth more than what you really think. I wouldn’t disregard the sacrifices men have to go through and I know some of it isn’t that pretty as well. But my focus today is about us women.

As a girl we grow up with many restrictions. Because of the way this world is, we have a limit to our exploration. We are taught about the ways a girl should be – demure, soft and only speak when allowed. In some culture, girls are not allowed to speak their opinions and only listen. But even with all the restrictions, we girls grow up learning things although it’s the hard way. Some will only learn after making mistakes, mistakes we probably will regret forever. Despite those mistakes, we live and face the world with courage. We tell ourselves to be strong because it’s the only way to move forward.

When we become older, we look at the world with a new hope. We tell ourselves that this is the time to do what we want to, to aim for the sky and say goodbye to all limitations. But along the way, people will continue breaking that dream because they see you’re a woman and they look down on you. They know a woman’s heart is soft so they fight with emotions. We take one step and we got pushed back ten steps by the world. Everywhere we go, people listen to our dreams but their response are doubtful. But even with all these challenges, I’ve seen many of us rise up and face the world with what I would call an unbreakable determination. We work hard to prove to others that we can. Along the way, our hearts tend to harden because of all the pain we go through. All the heartbreaks, the negativity thrown at us with no mercy. We keep people out so we don’t have to deal with their criticism or doubts.

And what about love, marriage? You see a woman who is pregnant with a baby in the office and you think it’s normal. But we wouldn’t know the pain of having to carry another life in her. Or that how her legs get tired by night time because she needs to work during the day. And not to mention the pain of delivering a baby. Or a mother who raise her kids, work and be there for the family until she hardly have time for herself. All she sees is others. She make time for her kids because they need her. She cooks for the family because the husband wants her cooking. She works to help lessen the family’s burden. 

Even with all that a woman is, not all are appreciated the way they should be. Not all receive the love they should be receiving. Some are abused and tortured until their willpower break. Some are told to submit and only listen instead of living the way they should be.

So it’s only natural that other women would want to empower others. Because we believe in each other and that every woman deserve to live a life they want. If you’re a father or a brother or even a husband, you would want your girl to achieve great things in life. Not to succumb to what society says. Let your girl achieve her dreams. Let her free. Be there for her. And respect the person she is.