The inspiration.

Nowadays, I look at the world and all I think about is how to make it better. How to help and reach out to those who are suffering, crying and hopeless. Once upon a time, like any other kid I was ignorant. Ignorant of the world; what matters is the things that happen in my world only, without knowing that this place does not revolve around me. I guess as you grow up you experience more in life and you realize that you have the power to make a difference. It isn’t what that inspired me but it was whom. Tunku Zain, the one leader in Malaysia I truly respect and no doubt probably the best (this is me being biased though) changed my perspective in life. I came across an article written by him on the newspaper about changing Malaysia and the first thought that came into my mind was that he writes it in a way to make people think of the matter and rationalize it for themselves instead of telling the readers what to think. He doesn’t influence people’s choices but instead he creates awareness on the issue and let people decide for themselves what should be done. Since that day, I constantly keep up with the things he does for Malaysia. And to be honest, the things he’s done so far has always been about helping others or Malaysia. He’s worked all over the world and with that valuable experiences he shares it with people, empowering the children today and make the difference he can in Malaysia. Not only he’s a genius but he writes, he participate in charity organizations, he give talks all the time and he makes time for the people. If you’re not familiar with his title, you would have thought that he’s just an ordinary citizen of Malaysia. He does not put himself above others, instead he tries to be as close as possible to show how much he care for his people. And even when he already have so much to offer he is constantly educating himself, travelling all over the world to gain more knowledge. Tunku Zain might already know this but he is truly an inspiration to many people out there. He gives back to the society in ways that he can, he helps shape the mentality of Malaysian citizens and he reach out to those who needs help.

Not only that he’s accomplished so much, but even with all that success, title and wealth he is never arrogant. You can see from his personal instagram account just how loving and caring he is towards others. And I hope one day there are children that will call him father because children deserve people like him as their father. One glance at him and you already know that if he were to have kids, they would be showered with so much love and kindness. And to see how amazing of a person Tunku is despite the challenges he faced in life is just truly inspiring. I learnt so much from him, and this is just through observing what he does. I don’t even know him personally but yet he taught me so much especially about how I can make a difference in this world within my own capabilities.

He’s done so much for Malaysia and for that, thank you. Thank you for giving Malaysians hope, for being the person he is and inspire people.


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