tiny bits of happiness.

Got this news a few days back but didn’t really had the time to celebrate so I’ll share this bit of happiness here, with whoever that reads my blog.

Remember the post I said about sleeping at 4 in the morning to prepare for an interview? It was an interview for an internship in a company called Knowledge Pathway International focusing on students recruitment in the UK and working with companies to provide skill training and development. I applied for an internship as a Student Admissions, Recruitment and Outreach assistant for 12 weeks. I have no idea why I did it but I thought my previous experience would be useful for this role and since I have no fixed job this year, might as well join the Essex Interns scheme and try it out. Guess what? I got the job !! I didn’t expect much although I think I did quite alright for the interview, so when I found out about the job offer all I can think of is this will be a new experience for me (happy!). I know this field is not related to my degree but because I’ve been involved with outreach and admissions before, I think expanding on this would be good as well. Maybe in the future, it can help me branch out to talent recruitment and HR once I’m tired with investment life perhaps? But anyhow, new experience ahead and I’m definitely looking forward to working in a new environment! Work starts next Monday and it’s 15 hours per week. It’s not too bad which also means I’ll take a hiatus from working as Student Ambassador for the next 3 months or so.

I’m also working on my first event in London which is a lot of pressure I guess? It’s a lot of planning and we had a restricted time frame for this event so I’ve been sleeping 5 in the morning working things out and also because I get so anxious about everything I tend to overthink and sleep less. Wish I could talk to someone about my worries and thoughts but I guess it’s a bit too much to ask from anyone so I’ll just let my mind wander on its own. But the team is very supportive considering how I never met most of them before, they’ve been really helpful.


I’m just having this temporary happiness but not sure who to talk to and it’s 4 in the morning in Malaysia so my family probably won’t reply. There are lots of other things that I’m trying so hard to cope with so this sort of thing makes me happy by believing that it’s not all too bad in this life.

Too much rambling, that’s about it for now. Casual post again (sorry), I promise I’ll talk about something more fruitful once winter break starts and I can do my research about topics.


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