Remember in my previous post I said I figured out some of my 2018 resolution and want to do an update on that but ended up posting without any? Well here’s a follow-up post on that, sorry for skipping that out I was half asleep trying to finish that post (the struggle was too real). Anyway, with some free time I miraculously have tonight after dinner, I’m going to write down about my dreams, aspirations, my personal motivation etc etc. I’ll try to list out everything so that I can remember later on what is it I wanted to achieve this year.

Here goes my 2018 list:
• dedicate more time to my family and loved ones because they matter more than whatever this world has to offer.
• be more functional mentally and physically.
• work on my presentation skills (giving a speech makes me all jittery)
• be content with life
• learn to take on challenges as they are and bend instead of break
• work on the understanding of my faith and religion
• to be empathic with my surrounding and not let the harsh reality of this world make me bitter
• to learn and understand the concept of green lifestyle and try to adopt them, no matter how small the act is.
• to be stronger physically so i can hustle through my days and not feel too exhausted
• improve in any aspect by the end of the year, knowing that whatever it is i learned throughout this year would have at least impacted myself
• to find love and blessing in every event regardless of whether they bring happiness or sadness

Aaaanddd. . . I think that’s about it for now. I could go on talking about the breakdown of my goals but lets not. As for now, my short term goal would be to survive life; juggling work, passion, family and friends is not easy, soon adding to the list is my studies. Phew. That and I’m hoping to be an excel wizard somehow, someday in the next few months or so (keyword: hoping). Not that it’s at the top of my list but I’m also hoping to own a tablet that allows me to draw and doodle because this girl needs that function in her life now more than ever. All this stress making me want to doodle more and more. I also hope to have more time to use my film camera around KL because it’s been a while and I miss wandering. Maybe, well now that I mention about camera maybe I’m going to bring to work tomorrow and take photos as I walk to work!

If you notice, my goals are very generalized and I would say they are simple goals. I don’t really have a big ambition like aiming to become a ceo by certain age, own a car or something similar to that. Its not because I am against it or not also because i dont aim high in life. I always admire those who have specific, detailed goals in life. Mine, on the other hand is tinyyyy bit different. I do have dreams, they differ in some ways but i work just as hard to obtain them. I believe strongly that hard work pays off and when you do something, always put a hundred percent effort and give your best. Our goals may vary but at the end of the day, the key to achieving it is the same and that is to do your very best.

There are some days I feel lousy with myself, days where I just give up on the things I want to fight for in life, but I know some things are worth fighting for, especially when it means so much to you. And these goals I listed out, general as they may be, means a lot to me. I wouldn’t want to go through 2018 and look back, failing to achieve all this. It would feel like I have lost myself in the journey if that happened.

Anyway, that’s basically my 2018 goals. I’m sure you already figured some of your goals as well, but if you haven’t don’t worry. You don’t need for it to be a new year to have new resolution. You can wake up one day and just decide that you’ll live your day differently from now on. A goal can be made anytime, all you need is determination and some extra effort in your action. Take time to figure yourself out. There’s plenty of room to improve, you can never meet an end to learning so gain as much as you can.

Here’s to new goals and dreams, may life be filled with plenty of them and none of those negative setbacks.


Im alive, still.

Its been a while since I posted something even I have a hard time digesting that January is almost over ! Where did the time go,did it somehow slipped through or did I spent too much of my time sleeping . . .( maybe its because of the latter, that’s why). I haven’t got much time to catch up on green lifestyle, or anything else actually but I thought it would be nice to have a post on 2018 progress. I think I also figured some 2018 goals which hopefully will be ticked off by end of this year; I usually just forget them after a while so posting it here will be some kind of proof to make sure I won’t divert from my goals! But first, updates.

Life’s been pretty alright I would say, for a new phase. When I was in school I couldn’t wait to work and forget about all those class timetables, tutorials, exams,etc etc. Now that I’m working, I really truly from the bottom of my heart miss school timetables. Remember all those time after lectures where you get maybe a two hour nap or even better, rest of the day off? Well, not anymore now you don’t have that when you work full time. You don’t get to skip work simply because you don’t feel like it today. Don’t get me wrong though. Work life is indeed different than school with more commitments, but it’s in a way exciting because you learn and grow at the same time. There is always something new to learn, no matter how much you’ve learned. Too much in fact, because sometimes I feel like I literally start from zero when I learn about something. That’s work, which is going okay so far.

As for life updates, I have no idea where to start. It’s been pretty interesting, one way to put it. I learned that prioritising my time is so important and to just focus on the people who have already given me so much. I wished I had the luxury to catch up with everyone but my situation does not allow me that much of leisure time. So I mostly dedicate my life going back and forth between work and family with some catching up with close friends when I have extra free time. Talking about love life on the other hand, I’ll just be honest and say I literally don’t know how to anymore. I get it the fact that I would love to have somebody but then when I actually think about doing something, I just turn back and return to my comfort zone again. It’s like so much concerns will be on high alert when I think about the idea. I don’t know if that’s normal although I think it is but we’ll see how it goes for 2018. I guess it’s a matter of putting my concerns to rest but to find someone who is able to do that, even I feel sorry for the guy because I don’t know how either.

But you know what, 2018 experiences made me realize how our country lack public access to rubbish bins that have recycling option, it also got me thinking about how I can incorporate green lifestyle in this hectic schedule of mine and keep up with new green updates at the same time empowering others to do more for the environment. I love the fact that I am working towards expanding the renewable energy market in this world but I would love to also focus on the smaller things such as our daily habits and routines. As for now, I try to recycle all the papers I print at work, I bring my own water bottle and I walk because nothing beats a good morning walk. It’s like a therapy of its own. I wish I could do more, or introduce more environmental friendly habits to others so we could all practise together but at the moment I’m still figuring out everything. I’m hoping that once I’m a bit more settled I’ll be able to incorporate more green habits in my daily life and perhaps do a log or something to stay motivated and track my personal eco achievements.

There you go. That’s basically almost everything. Maybe it’s not but I’m too tired to think abt anything haha! I hope I’ll be updating the blog soon with more stuff like new ideas, habits and some insights on the eco-friendly updates.

Time to sleep now then!