say no to bullying.

Malaysia mourns once again as another child lost his life due to bullying and abuse. Nhaveen, an 18 year old student from Penang had serious injuries including burns on his back and there were signs that a blunt object was shoved into his anus. His friend who was with Nhaveen at that moment, went through a surgery as he fractured his bone beneath the eye. According to the news, this was done by five youths who were also their ex-schoolmates. Not long ago, Malaysians were shocked to discover news about the death of a university student due to abuse as well. The student who was a naval cadet in National Defense University of Malaysia tragically lost his life due to torturing by his colleagues. He suffered severe injuries including second and third degree burns on 80% of his body. No excuse is acceptable for both incident which is now classified as murder and under investigation so justice can take place.

These incidents are a wake up call for Malaysians that there is a rise in bullying and abuse and we cannot deny this fact any longer especially when lives are lost in such brutal and inhumane manner. We have to start asking ourselves the big question here; why and what should you do ? Our kids are exposed to violence at such early age and are raised in an environment where bullying is normal. This is wrong. As parents, teachers and even as one of the youth it is our duty to educate ourselves and the people around us especially those who are younger that respect for others is important and there is no such thing as allowed bullying. Schools must change the famous traditional ways of ‘ragging’ where it involves violence and abuse these days. The initial reasoning for ragging was to discipline but often the authority given is abused and used with personal agenda without any guidelines which should not be the case. Punishments are not meant to take away lives or injure a person. I personally do not believe in educating through physical punishments but I respect that not everyone share the same view as I do. Even if a person were to choose physical punishments, there has to be boundaries of what they are allowed to do and not do. Those two boys who got killed due to bullying were not just students. They were someone’s child, a brother to their siblings and they were kids with dreams. As a human, who are we to take that away from others? It is important to educate the young that we should not act carelessly as lives cannot be revived. We are not allowed to harm others like as if they are dolls. Teach our children not to react to situation with abusive manner but to go around it with logical sense and rationality. Do not expose them to violence at a young age, making them think violence is fun and exciting. Instead, guide them about how to manage difficult situations when they are in schools or away from us. We have to teach our kids moral values and proper manners and home is the best place to start. A child is born to this world with a blank canvas. The family, the surroundings shape them to be who they are today. In a way, we are all responsible to create a safe environment for our kids as well as for all of us. Educate our kids about the kind of bullying that happens in this world and the measures they can take if they are bullied. Inform them about what to do in any case that a bullying occur and who they can go to. But most importantly, always be there for your kids. Create a safe space for them so they can speak freely to you with any problems they face, no matter how minor it is. You don’t necessarily have to be a parent to do this, you could be a sibling, a teacher, a friend, a school bus driver or even anyone. This is a shared duty we all carry to provide a safe nation for all. Reach out to as many people as we can and if you are unsure how you can help, direct them to those who knows how to.

Here are some questions for you. Have you ever been bullied ? How do you manage it ? Did you go to someone and talk about it or were you afraid to tell anyone ?

Click the link below for more information about the questions I mentioned:


Morning from Budapest

Woke up today feeling at ease especially in a room filled with warm colors. The sunlight peaking through the curtains make it even more calming. It’s my third day in Budapest and I absolutely love this place, although I might say the same thing for every place I visit. But it is indeed beautiful. Budapest city is made up of two sides with Danube River in between. Not only it has 2 sides of history and culture to offer but it’s also different at night. Everything is relatively near and its interesting what you can discover when you’re out on a stroll around the city.

Since exams are over, I’ve been doing a bit of catching up with the current environmental issues especially here in Budapest. It fascinates and disappoints me at the same time to see what’s been going on around the world with regards to the environment. So here’s a bit of the information I got while I was leisurely enjoying the sun (or more like the bed) in Budapest.

On the 5th of June we human beings celebrated World Environment’s Day. I’m sure nobody missed this because it was trending everywhere on social media and there were news coverages about it too. I also read that US big players such as Google and Apple are joining forces to work towards their commitment in the Climate Change agreement. While Trump wanted out, it’s comforting to know that many US citizens are fighting his decisions and willing to come together for the purpose of making a better environment. But it saddens me to see that even environmental issues are highly influenced by politics when it is definitely every person’s responsibility to preserve and keep the environment in a healthy state. With so many challenges to protect our environment, the World Environment’s Day was indeed needed to bring people together and to instil awareness on the importance of keeping mother nature alive. People all over the world joined in celebrating the richness of earth by exploring nature and participating in environmental activities. Many organizations celebrated by holding conferences, events, competitions and setting trends on social media. It was really good to see everyone spirited about the environment and we must keep the momentum going. We can’t just celebrate for a day and expect the environment to heal on its own.

I also had a read on the passing of our Sumatran rhino in Malaysia. It is such a devastating news and with Puntung gone, Malaysia is left with only 2 Sumatran rhinos which is so close to extinction in Malaysia. Even in Indonesia, there are less than 100 Sumatran rhinos left. While Puntung’s death was to resolve it from going through suffering of chemotherapy and other pain, it is not doubt that the low number of Sumatran rhino population remains as a major concern for environmental workers in Malaysia. Protecting endangered species have always been a challenge in Malaysia especially when we are home to a diverse range of wildlife. Early last year, the news exploded when we lost more than 3 tigers within a month due to animal traps, accidents and poaching. That did not include other events, particularly animal trafficking and poaching that is constantly occuring not only in Malaysia but within the Southeast Asia region. While we don’t see the importance of protecting the wildlife, it is our duty to keep the balance in place. The wildlife is a source of contentment and happiness. It is in this world for reasons we might never know. But like every other creature on this planet, it is not our place to wipe them out so we can take over. They exist just like why the sky and sun exist. It is part of nature. The wildlife teaches us compassion and empathy on how to coexist in peace.

Apart from wildlife issues which are a constant worry, I’ve also been searching for ideas on how we can recycle things and remake them to be useful! While browsing through, I found a video about the typical paper cups we use to have hot drinks which are labeled as recyclable but often they are not recycled because of the high cost to remove a layer of wax from the cups. How surprising isn’t it ?! Of course when I get home I’ll be doing more research on that to fully understand the issue. I also found a few ideas that transforms plastic and old clothes to yarns so that it can be reused for weaving and knitting purposes. Since I love doing artsy stuff I had so much fun discovering all these ideas. I even made a few to-do list once I’m back at home. While this might not be contributing much to the amount of waste we humans generate every second, I really do hope that bit by bit we can instil awareness especially in Malaysia about the effects of wastage and how it pollutes our land, water, soil, air and many more. A polluted environment is definitely worrisome as it affects our health in general.

Also, I think this was old news as I read it a few months ago but there was a argument about the ban of plastic bags in Selangor, a state in Malaysia. While the ban of plastic bags was a common practice in other developed countries, not everyone took it well in Malaysia. The reaction towards this ban was also quite different. People were more willing to pay extra 20 cents to have the plastic bag for convenience. Since the ban was in place, the consumption of plastic bags for rubbish bins increased as well. The reason behind this was because many people used to recycle the plastic bags as waste bags but now they need to purchase as they can’t recycle the plastic bags anymore. While implementing ban for plastic bag had a good objective behind it, I think we should have also offered suggestions for solutions to the possible problems that comes with it. It is also important to educate why the ban of plastic bag is needed and how people can change their lifestyle to adapt to this new regulation. Alternative materials should be ready to act as substitute to plastic bags and we have to make it accessible for people to obtain them. Perhaps a short and long term campaign should have taken place so that it creates a sense of responsibility and encouragement for people to adhere to the new change in regulation. The objective of the ban is definitely a good effort but we could definitely improve more of creating awareness and getting more people to willingly pledge to the ban rather than enforce it to them.

With all the readings I did while in Budapest, it occured to me tht although we do have people fighting for the environment in Malaysia, it is not enough. It is not only protecting wildlife but also in our daily lifestyle. Although it is not easy, we could try to slowly change by constantly educating ourselves. Businesses and large organizations play an important role in shaping the lifestyle of our community too. It is so important to create awareness where possible and to learn about sustainability whenever we can.

Reasons why we do it.

When I was younger, I often wondered why people would put in so much effort in volunteering. I mean, I’m obviously not a little devil that goes around not helping people, all arrogant and superior about being charitable I just wonder what motivates others to go all the way and extend not just a hand but probably their whole body, time and energy to help others. And I think, somehow after some personal volunteering experiences I have an answer that probably did not cross only my mind, but some of you out there too.

We do it because we are able to. It makes you feel good that you are doing something meaningful with what you have. Then, along the way you become passionate about it because a ball of positivity in your daily life will gradually accumulate to be a big bundle of sunshine. We volunteer because we have the power to change not only our lives, but also to make an impact in others. As we grow older, we tend to have a better grasp of our live and we know we are in control of what we do, what we believe in and what we choose to change. That is why, the news we read that were just news to us when we were younger, becomes something important as we grow older. Because we see how we can change what we don’t like or agree. And trust me, volunteering teaches you a lot without even you realizing it.

As a volunteer, you learn to be aware and attentive to your surrounding. You learn that in life, some people are born with privileges and some less so. The environment, on the other hand seems fine but is probably crumbling way faster than it used to. You learn to be attentive when talking to people, to be more sensitive about their situation because not everyone had rainbows while growing up. You cry because somewhere out there, there are people who sleeps in fear wondering if they’ll wake up to see the sun tomorrow. You used to think that animals feel nothing but now you see that animals need a proper home just like us and we are stealing it from them. As volunteers, you open your eyes to see beyond the noise. You learn why things are not the way it is  and the challenges some people face to put it out there on what is right and what is wrong. And I think there are many events that will really touch your heart, change the way you see the world and just makes you fall in love a bit more in helping others. So you become passionate about it. You love the fact that the little things you do impact others and in a way it impacts yourself too.

It’s one of the reasons why I joined all the things I’ve been involved. The curiosity about tigers lead me to watching how they were hunted, hurt in their own home because lack of protection. Once you’ve seen it how can you go back and think that it’s okay ? Because clearly it is not. So you start seeing what is it you can do to help and even if the progress is slow, you know that it’ll get there one day and that you should fight for what you believe in, your principals and how you envision the world to be.

Making that step to change is your choice. It isn’t a choice that requires courage to enter a job interview, but it does need motivation and perseverance. Know that your efforts are never in vain and that your little efforts will always, always impact on something. Be passionate about helping others , do something meaningful and explore the world in a different perspective. You never know what you will discover while you’re on your volunteering journey.

Here’s a current volunteer programme I’m involved in, The Kalsom Movement; a student led charity organization on eliminating education inequality and empowering children in Malaysia through education which I would like to share with the whole WORLD . Know that no matter where you are, what you do, you can make a difference. You can change a child’s future through education and only you can decide if you want to impact a life or not.


My Eid experience.

This is an overdue post considering how Eid celebration was a week ago but Happy Eid Mubarak everyone ! Here in Malaysia we say ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’. It’s only last week we celebrated the glorious day but feel like ages ago now that people are back to their normal daily routine; work, study, etc etc. Here in Malaysia, Raya is celebrated by all the citizens and people look forward to it especially when it comes to food. Our usual Raya dishes include ketupat, rendang, lemang and all sorts of other unique dishes. People go all out for preparation and that involves a lot of cooking, shopping and biskut raya hunting .

Each family celebrates Raya differently although some of the general culture are widely practised like doing house visits, getting the famous duit Raya, apologizing to others. Some celebrate Raya eve with fireworks, do lemang bakar and cook huge pot of rendang and other dishes. Some celebrate it with family, friends, in a kampung or in cities. We all have different Raya experience and I’ll tell you how my Raya usually is.

For me, Raya is about family. Unlike some of you who are very lucky to celebrate Raya the kampung style, my Raya is the city kind of raya. But I have no complains whatsoever because it still means a lot to me. I do lots of house visits, catching up with aunties and uncles as well as cousins, meeting the forever growing group of nieces and nephews ( its not easy to remember their names when every time I come down there’s a few new babies in the family tree). I spend my Raya in Malaysia as well as in Singapore so its usually a total of 4 days of celebration and meeting relatives. The most unhealthy part about Raya is the amount of food served, but as always it isn’t easy to resist. The good part about my Raya is that I get to meet people and do lots of catching up! Since I get to meet them mostly once a year, it’s nice to know what my relatives are up to and how they’ve been. I used to also fussed a lot about my Raya attire when I was younger but not so nowadays. I guess as you grow old, you see it in a different perspective. I also still get duit raya which is nice (though it will be my last year since I’m probably working next year).

Overall I think my Raya is a simple one, go for Raya prayers in the morning, visit my relative in Kajang then go Singapore the next day, do the house visits for the next few days, meet people, talk and listen and laugh, spend time with family. Another good thing about Raya is that I get to see my own family for the a few days and talk to them. We usually drive down to Singapore so that’s like 6 hours of talking in the car. It’s something you’ll learn to appreciate as you grow older and everyone is so busy on normal days you hardly talk to them.

It’s been 22 years and my raya routine haven’t changed much. We did lost a few people along the way and some of the raya routine isn’t the same without these people. I thought it would be boring after a while but I tend to always look forward to my Raya routine. I used to make ketupat and help mum with all the raya dishes but now we’ve cut down on that since we don’t have a huge appetite like when we were younger. We simply just enjoy the Raya vibes now and do more of bonding with others.

But now Raya is over, holidays are done and next is internship. Mixed feelings but definitely looking forward to the new experience !


A picture taken at Gardens by the Bay during Raya 2016.

the power of social media.

When you talk about social media, some of the apps that comes to mind is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Generation today connect with people from all around the world through social media. It opens up a new platform for people to expand potentials and unlock endless opportunities. For some of us, we use the social media to express ourselves, to voice out our opinions and to be heard by others. It is also used for tutorials, education, business, news updates and many more. With these apps, a news is able to reach several countries within minutes, or even seconds. And that is how powerful the social media is. It is definitely something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While the social media bring forward many benefits and create unlimited opportunities for people, we often abuse the power of social media and cause destruction. The social media abuse is quite known across the world but in some places it is worse than usual which is alarming. This is a indeed a rising problem in Malaysia as more and more citizens find it okay to shame and condemn others using their social media.

Of course I am not saying that everyone does it, but there are some who finds it funny to point out others’ mistakes thinking that it is the right thing to do. Usually, the more followers you have on social media the tendency to be bullied and abused by such issue is higher. I’ve read lots of comments on Instagram and how some people involve themselves in arguments about how wrong and disgraceful the post is. Vulgar words are often present along with judgmental sentences. And then there are also those who will defend the post which creates a stream of hateful remarks and the blame game starts about this person is no better, go reflect yourself, you’re being jealous, you have no life ; it is impressive to read the amount of negativity in a single post.

It is not even surprising when some people use it as an outlet to express their disagreement about country related issues like posting memes of our ministers or make fun of them. Stating your point on social media to be heard is your right, but making fun out of others out of frustration ; that’s already beyond your rights. Some are even to the point of embarrassing and it just reflects how low we can be.

There is a fine line between advising and condemning others. It is something that we Malaysians should always remind ourselves before hitting that keyboard and type whatever we have in mind. If you think that this isn’t something that shouldn’t be taken seriously, you should think again. To receive comments after comments about negative things about you will mess up your emotions and mind in some ways. We do not know to what extend our words might do to others because that is how powerful words can be. It is not alright to be abused and be abusive on social media regardless of your actions. A negative comment by a single person can create hatred all around the country, punishing a person for a single mistake. Some of us don’t even know who we are punishing as we only follow the trend and join in the blame team but do we realize the consequences of our actions?

Yes, there are times that we read something awful and to not say something is killing you inside. But there are better ways than to publicly shame others or point fingers so people are divided between the good team and the bad team. A decent approach shouldn’t be done publicly, not with a million other readers reading it. Don’t you feel embarrassed when your parents scold you in public about your behavior? Or when you fall in front of thousands of audience only to be laughed at, do you feel fine with it? It is not okay right? Well at least for me it is not. We should avoid saying negative things on social media and first respect others. Instead of fighting over who is right or wrong, what the person should post or not post, shouldn’t we empower each other ? Shouldn’t we be using the social media to widen our horizon and educate ourselves? Instead of telling another girl how disgusting her attitude is shouldn’t we supposed to motivate each other to improve?

This is something we should ponder about as a social media user. The power of social media is amazing and fearsome at the same time. Never abuse the power as you don’t know what the consequences might be. Your words on social media can both lift a person or ruin their future. You have the choice to do good or create a chaos. So before you start typing on the keyboard, think and think again about what you’re about to say. If possible, say only good things, encourage others, empower the people around you to change for the better. Let’s change our mentality from condemning to empowering the people we know.



my batik experience.

Ever heard the word ‘batik‘ before? It’s a traditional art painting on cloth and have been around for as long as I know in the southeast Asian region. The process of batik is very fancy and artistic, with candle wax and all sorts of tool (they use calligraphic candle wax pen to draw it’s called tjanting; you should really google it up if you’re not sure what it is).

Anyway, during Spring term I had the opportunity to introduce batik to my university. It is really amazing how the university provide various opportunities so we can discover potentials and push our limits. The scheme I joined was the SU Enterprise Space Scheme, a scheme that allows me to run my own business for a few weeks. So, what is this scheme all about ?

Got an entrepreneurial idea but not sure how or where to start? That is where the Students’ Union comes in. Basically I submitted my idea and draft a proposal with budget and costs (that was quite a tricky part for me). Once it is approved by the SU, we start rolling. I got my team of volunteers and set up a timetable for everyone. Since I was tied with two other on-campus jobs, I had to rely a lot on my team with the sales. They were really supportive though which is great because in business without a good team you’ll probably have a hard time making things work. Once I got my  inventories shipped over from Malaysia, I started moving in to the shop. Yes, we do get a shop, it’s sort of like a pop up shop idea so it’s ours for a few weeks. In my case, Batiks was open for a duration of six weeks. We sold various kinds of products ranging from £1 to £15. I even had the chance to sell my batik tops I personally sew back when I was home for the summer!

Overall, I must say the experience taught me a lot. It was fun, interesting even especially on days when we make good sales and the whatsapp group will be buzzing with excitement. But there are times that it can be very challenging too. I had a hard time setting the selling price to ensure that it is not too expensive for students and at the same time take into account the cost and VAT tax. Creating a schedule was not easy because everyone is available at different time and sometimes there are last minute changes they can’t make it to the shop. It taught me about how to always have a backup plan in case the original plan don’t work and trust me juggling between three work including the batik shop and studying and participating in a society disciplined me well enough to manage time, prioritize and always plan ahead. I have this book I carry around so I can write down notes about the things I have to do, what time I have to be at the office or report for duty. My Spring term was indeed crazy and hectic. But I know people who have done more and I truly respect their will power. I must say that running an actual shop is not only about sales and profit. I learned about management- managing people, inventory and also managing promotion. It’s not a one man show anymore and I have to take into account a lot of other things before making decisions. Of course I gained some good lessons on how to use the cash EPOS system which was something I’ve always wanted to learn. It’s amazing how this experience taught me to be more open and gave me the chance to meet and communicate with various people in university.

I especially enjoy seeing people use the things I sell, knowing that they own a piece of Malaysia, my home country. I want people to realize that doesn’t mean we are moving towards the technology and innovation era we don’t have to focus on culture anymore. Without the culture, we are just like others as culture is part of who we are. It’s what makes us different. That was why I chose batik for the scheme. I could have sold something else that was easier to manage but I wanted to show the world about batik, educate them about our culture. The whole process wasn’t easy even from the start as I had to shipped the products, get my parents’ help from Malaysia to buy the products on my behalf and even sort the courier procedures. But if you ask me to do it again, I would still choose batik as my main concept.

So that was my batik experience. I had a good time joining the scheme and it gave me a firsthand experience on what is it like to run my own business and shop. Despite the challenges and the tight schedule, I must say that it was an awesome scheme to join and I would have regretted if I didn’t take part in it. I’ve always been interested about sewing and now I can say that I’m one step closer to be ready to have my own sewing cafe in the future.

Check out our page Batiks if you want to see the range of designs and clothes. We even made a video on the different ways to wear a batik pareo/sarong !


First thing comes to mind when I spell out that word is a question I asked myself – what am I addicted to ? I could say I was addicted to tv series; back then I could go hours from watching CSI (Las Vegas,Miami,NY you name it) to Criminal Minds, Bones and then there’s the Korean dramas (I have lots of favourites but I got addicted since I watched Boys Over Flower). But I kind of got over it once I entered university. I still watch tv series but it’s not like “I must watch or I die” kind of situation anymore – we all have that phase in life so don’t judge.  Since I was young, I pretty much hopped from one interest to another and yes I get bored quite fast if it’s not my thing. Some things I just do it halfway because I am not really patient to wait for the outcome, hence my terrible terrible skill in baking. I’ve tried baking more than 5 times and I usually manage to mess it up; flat cookies that looks like I’m making paper instead of cookies, burnt cupcakes, burnt cake pfft yes I think a bakery is a wiser option for me. I’m fairly okay with cooking, it’s something I learn so I don’t go crazy eating sandwiches every day ( not really a fan of sandwiches and lots of other food ) so no, cooking is not my interest but I am quite okay at it. I am not really into sports, I like working out to sweat off but that’s about it. So what exactly is my interest ?

I enjoy travelling, not because I get to see these famous places or I have a checklist I need to do before I die. I like being in a new place, to keep moving and seeing new things. I enjoy taking photos of almost everything because it reminds me so much of the places I’ve been – the culture, the environment and even the daily routines there. I tend to forget names and my brain works better by trying to picture a scene instead of remembering name of the road. So when I look back at my photos, it automatically reminds me of so many things. I could say that travelling and photography is something I enjoy doing, but it’s not exactly something I’m addicted to.

Then, here comes books. Yes, I love reading. Give me 6 books I could finish it before 2 weeks is up. I’ve been reading since I was a kid and every 2 weeks I’ll go borrow new books from the library. Nowadays Kindle app  makes it so much easier. I think reading has always been something that I do to pass time or when I’m just too stressed and need a time out from reality. The bigger the pressure, the more I read sometimes I read 2 books a day just to keep my mind off things. Hmm, reading is totally my addiction. But it’s more of a leisure addiction.

The interest that always comes back and keep me hooked is two things – sewing and money. Hah! Omg you must think I’m a gold digger right now. No, it’s not that kind of money addiction like I’m going to marry the guy with highest net wealth. I enjoy making money. I just realized I’ve been involved with raising money since young. I’ve participated in all those festivals during my school days – selling cookies, cupid messages and what not during Valentine’s Day, then there’s that Carnival day and a lot other festivals in schools. I honestly love doing it because that feeling when you create something or you sell something of your own and people love it, it’s just amazing. The older I get, the more I am involved in. Now it’s not just raising money during carnivals in schools but it’s raising fund for charity and for other good purposes which even makes me happier. It’s sort of like I found a purpose in something I really like to do and am even excited that I get to contribute somehow. Thinking about fundraising keeps my brain working , giving an adrenaline rush for me and despite getting tired at the end of the day I am always satisfied. I don’t really care if I’m not getting paid because it’s so much more satisfying than getting good grades (although I love getting good grades and not having to worry). Oh and another interest of mine, sewing ! Those who know me long enough would probably know how crazy am I about sewing. I even thought of opening a sewing cafe in the future! I’ve recently started learning how to make clothes and this coming summer will definitely learn more. I am an intermediate knitter and a beginner in crochet. God, I remember my experience learning how to knit. I spent about MYR 1,000 for everything which was ridiculous but I didn’t really regret it. I don’t really knit nowadays because well, Malaysia is technically not the best place to wear knits but I’m learning how to make crocheted bags now from Wool and The Gang. Go check them out they have the best patterns ! I used to take pillow orders – not just any pillows it’s felt craft pillow a customized kind although I stop doing it already because I went to the UK . You can have a look at my Instagram – Prettylittlehandmades. They were all hand sewn and cut by myself and my mom helped too when I was busy studying. I enjoyed my time doing each and every one of it, new designs,new challenges. Over the summer, I’ll probably get back to cross stitch besides learning how to make clothes. I already have all this crazy ideas to do with cross stitch. The disappointing part was that when I came to university, I really hoped they have needlework society or an extra curricular sort of thing here. I could appreciate the existence of sewing machine on campus but there was none. So in the end, I have to wait til summer to get back to my sewing.

And here comes another question – why all this long talk about interest ? Well, here’s the thing all these interest I have got me thinking about what I want to do in the future. I have this dream of opening a sewing cafe one day, yes mentioned it already but the dream grew into a bigger picture recently. It would be lovely to have a sewing cafe in an academy, a Pottery & Traditional Arts Academy where youth can learn and specialize into traditional arts like wooden carvings, the magic ways of tenun songket, bringing pottery into a global standard with our traditional designs, batik and fabric designs, the art of menyulam ( a kebaya with sulaman tangan is not cheap, not kidding) or even the making of wayang kulit. Why? Because all those fundraising experiences I had got me thinking how education in Malaysia has been so focused about Maths, Science and English and the fact that everyone has to be in the economy,politics or medical sector to have a good stable life that they forget that children today don’t even know the beauty of our tradition. And it’s even worst that our tradition is losing in the market when they are what we should treasure. The only thing I can anyam is ketupat when I should be able to anyam bakul and so much more. It’s impressive how people think there is no market for our culture when that is what makes our country unique and if we raise the standards, we could compete with the world. So there goes, a story about my interests and how it got me thinking about what I want to do with it in the future. Basically open a school and a sewing cafe where I can serve my students tea and cupcakes while I hear them about their artsy explorations.


Now I ask you – what is your interest and what do you plan to do with it ?




p/s : Here’s a peek of what I sew before. Oh and if you’re in the same university, the Batik tops were also sewn by me, which I am so happy people liked them although there are lots of improvement that can be done and I managed to complete only 6 tops before flying back to UK. Also the words you may not know , that is in Malay language you can google translate it if you want (fyi if you’re not a Malay speaker)