everywhere & all over.

Spring break has finally started, although it’s not exactly a holiday season for me – how can you relax when you have 7 papers to think about & interviews to prepare for?

Putting that aside, I would definitely appreciate some rest after a hectic term. Everything has been all over the place and I didn’t even have time for myself. Since my finals is coming soon, I’m thankful that I’ve completed all my other responsibilities and can now focus fully on my exams. I’m done with my internship (yay!) and there’s only small bits of work for other roles. This will definitely give me more time to focus on exams. Thank god too that I won’t be travelling for long because to be honest I wouldn’t know what to feel if I did.

Apart from university life which gives me 100 kinds of stress but also motivation, I think my emotions have been a mess recently. I know I sound like a spoilt child wanting to be home but I do have my reasons. Part of me understood the importance of me staying put and not adding to the burden, but another part of me wishes that I could be home when times aren’t the best. I mean how do you even be happy when the people you love are fighting battles? But I guess, being here on my own is a battle in a way because showing strength and giving the support while making it feel that it’ll all be alright requires a lot too especially when you’re alone here. If it were for me, I would drop everything and leave. But I know they wouldn’t want that so I keep telling myself ‘you gotta be strong for the people you love, Nad’ even if that means choosing their choice over your reasons.

And of course emotionally it gets messy sometimes for me. I think too much about everything, about how things have changed for me and how several occassions in my life that truly changed me in a way that I didn’t really like. I wish it didn’t affect me in a way that it did, but it did and I’m working on it. I keep surpressing my feelings because I feel that it doesn’t make any difference somehow. And when it gets too tough to bear, I sleep it off hoping it’ll go away. It’s not exactly a plus point that I find it difficult to cry even when I’m overwhelmed with feelings, but in order to cope I keep asking god to give me the strength, to be my anchor.

But there are times I find the people I love to talk about things or to just listen to what they are up to. In a way it helps me to find the strength I needed, even if temporary. I think things happened in life got me thinking twice about trusting and find comfort in other’s protection. I tend to just drown in my own worries and although its a lonely, lonely feeling I just don’t know how to bring myself to take the next step. So in the end, I only find temporary comfort in those I truly love as friends, not expecting them to even hear me out or understand but just to share some good laughs because it makes my heart smile a little that way.

I think in this life, we never know what’s going to happen. The people who love you, appreciate them and take good care of them. Make time for those who are important to you, give chances because you never know if they’ll leave before they had the chance to tell you what they wanted to. I know we all have been through some difficult situation in life, but give as much love as possible to others. We all have our own battles to fight, the least we could do it to make it bearable for each other.

And like a strong person we all are, never give up in believing because all the things that happened in life has its own reason for happening.


Eating cereal and thoughts.

There are days when every single memory floods back and all I wanted was to erase that part of my life because everything was perfect for me before it came down crashing like that unexpected tsunami flooding a city. I hate it when its those days. Hate to remember. Hate to even feel. All I wanted is to forget. Because memories like those reminded me of how happy I could be when I love, when I give that extra effort in everything I do, when I had someone to talk to after a long tiring day and that someone to just be there. It reminded me of how childish I could be, how I am firm in my thoughts and yet gentle when loving because you never want to hurt what’s precious to you, reminded of how nice it is to talk about anything and laugh at everything. But above everything else, it reminded me of how simple life could be if everything was fine.

Knowing that there’s no way I’ll look back and open that door again makes me sad because this bittersweet memories was proof that I could love fiercely. If I had a choicd, I still wouldn’t go back because it’ll never be the same anymore. I moved on and looked forward. I don’t even think that I could feel the same way again.

But that doesn’t mean it did not left a scar.

I wish I could forget all of it. So that I’ll be able to remember what’s it like to fall in love with every silly thing and not worry about the mistakes, the pain and loss.

But then I told myself, it was there to make me realize how much I could give when I love and that I should give it to only those that truly matters to me. And not everyone that I love will give as much as I do. And that one day, a person who isn’t family will see me for who I am and still find that I’m worth being a part of them. And that’s what matters. And it’ll all be worth it. And when that time comes, we’ll learn to appreciate what we have and not take things lightly.

Eco & MY

[Put on the environmentalist hat]

Many of us can say the word pollution loud and clear, even know the meaning to it. The basic information like recycling bottles and newspaper, plant trees, no littering and all the small details there is about taking care of our environment based on what I recalled is something we learn during our school days. So why is it that it’s 2017 and we still get news about how our country is failing the mother earth bit by bit?

Implementation and practice.

We have all kinds of technology, we educate our children and provide them the knowledge about environment and yet we lack in daily practices. Before I came to the UK, I was probably just as ignorant about pollution in Malaysia. Yes, I did bits of recycling like the newspapers, clothes, plastic bags and such but that’s about it. It is only after I stayed in the UK then I realize the difference in level of commitments.

While we keep on saying in Malaysia that carpooling helps to reduce all kinds of pollution, we still prefer to drive our own car. Many reasons were given; the traffic is horrible, people need to be mobile so car is essential, there’s no other way besides driving. Some are probably true, but most of the time we tend to give ourself that excuses so we can take the car out for a drive comfortably. The public transport is Malaysia probably isn’t amazing but it is developing quite drastically and to be honest, it’s not bad at all. I remembered how KTM used to be older train coach and you’ll have no ventilation during peak hours (all you smell is people’s sweat) but last summer, I took the KTM and I must say it’s different. It was my first KTM ride after 2 years roughly and I realize the coach are new (or modified perhaps), there’s better air circulation in it too. The LRT on the other hand, is amazing. Apart from some glitches due to bad weather, it did a beautiful job sending me to work comfortably every day. With the rise in better public transportation, Malaysians should learn to change their lifestyle too. There are many people using it currently, but I think the goal is to encourage as many people as possible to shift to public transportation so Malaysia can focus on developing the system rather than building more highways and put up tolls (we’ll run out of spaces to build highways soon if we don’t give public transportation a chance). I really like the idea of commuting, it’s convenient, cheaper and you get to enjoy some time on your own before going to wherever it is you are heading. Countries like the UK, Japan and even most of the European countries have good access to public transportation. So maybe it’s time to learn from them on this too.

Then, there’s the issue of plastic bag bans. No, there is no need to get panicky about it. If others can do it, why can’t Malaysians? Are we truly going to put our convenience first? It’s understandable how going for groceries shopping may be tougher now or getting that takeaways but then, if we don’t start from somewhere we’ll never change. Plastic bags production may be profitable but in the long run it might not last. The world is shifting to a no plastic bag goal, so if you’re in a plastic bag business you should find new ideas, be more creative and adopt the new concept. There are many ways to make money but there is only one planet we can live on. If we can slowly change our habits and lifestyle, I don’t see any problem with less usage of plastic bags. It might take time, let’s be realistic here because we’re talking about changing people and the norm. But hey, there’s always that starting point somewhere right. Maybe slowly we can start bringing our own containers when we pack food or bring our own shopping bag when we do groceries shopping. A foldable trolley bag would be great invention, something that can fit inside the car, reused and lightweight because nobody wants to carry a heavy trolley everywhere. It’s good we’re starting to shift to being less dependent on plastic bags but we must also make sure the access to plastic bags alternatives are they so citizens can use the alternatives.

With a rapid increase in consumption, Malaysia definitely should focus on managing environment right. We need to ensure natural resources are sustained properly for country’s source of income. We need to enforce environment laws so that people obey what they should rightfully do. A recent article by The Star with heading that 1000 acre land was illegally cleared shocked me. It’s not acceptable at all that a land that huge can be cleared illegally without anyone noticing. Enforcement of law is the key here as well as nurturing ourselves at citizens of Malaysia. Apart from education system, engaging environmental issues is probably one of the primary target areas we should focus on as well. The environment not only acts as a source of income, it contributes to health and wellbeing of our citizen, influence tourism industry and many other factors. It’s time for Malaysians to hold their hands together and think about sustaining a healthy environment.

This is a friendly reminder to all Malaysians (including me!) to be more attentive towards mother nature, to continuously educate yourselves about the environment and your surrounding and of course to help shape a better Malaysia.

Family and wishes

I wonder sometimes what it’s like to have many siblings, a big family living together under one roof. Every time I see my mother and her siblings catch up and talk non-stop for hours, visiting from one house to another and together they work to take care of their father, I kept thinking how nice it is to have a big family. Coming from a family with only 2 older brother, it gets a bit lonely at times. Of course when we were younger, we siblings fight almost every other week; some arguments brutal than usual. But now that we’re older, it hits me when I realize I only see my brothers during dinner and even then, some days they are not around for dinner as well. I’m so used to seeing them on daily basis like when we were younger it actually makes me sad that we spend less and less time together as a family. And it gets even lonelier when I’m the only girl in the family. I’ve always learned how to adapt to my brothers’ interest instead of expecting them to understand me because it’s easier that way. Growing up, I constantly learn to enjoy watching action movies instead of chick lit dramas. But I never regret involving myself in their lives because it made me feel like I’m part of the team. There are days though that I have things on my mind, problems I would love to share but I couldn’t say it since they’ve never listened to my issues. In a way, growing up, I felt a lot of emotions but I didn’t share them with my family and it felt so lonely to carry them all myself.

Its total opposite when I see the relationship between my mother and her siblings. And I envy that sort of relationship, that chaos and even arguments or the long talks about their worries and problems and joy. It made me wish that when I have a family on my own, I’ll make sure that it never gets quiet in our future home. We’ll have our kids laughter echoing or their screams and cute little arguments or the early morning breakfast rush . It doesn’t matter as long as its not lonely and quiet. I long for a big family and I told myself that I will give each and every one of them lots and lots of love so they’ll always fill my life with happiness. I wouldn’t want to be so engrossed with work that I don’t have time for them, that I won’t be involved with them or be there for them when they need their parents. I want to watch them grow and go through every phase in life, guide them when they need the guidance and understand them when they have different views. I wish to have a family where the kids are not afraid of their father but have so much respect for him. To come back to a family of my own in a place full of love I call home. Isn’t that what we all want in marriage?

But then again, that is if I find my future person 😂 (insyaallah I’m sure He knows best)

If you have siblings who are overlyattached, who always fuss about you and worry about your welfare, never ever brush them off. Appreciate those moments and love them back because you never know when they will leave you and go on with their lives.


you know . .

Some of you have been asking me lately how I’m doing . If you asked me the same question the first few days it happened, I would have given you no answer. Instead you’ll see lots and lots of tears. But that was the first few days. Not anymore. So here’s my answer now 🙂

Yes, many of us have tasted loss, pain and hurt. I admit that it is painful, it hurts when you realize it’s the end. The chapter written for 3 years plus found its ending unexpectedly and so I felt a lot; confusion, lost, pain, shock. But that isn’t the end of the world. You still breathe the air like you always do. Somehow you’ll learn to get your appetite back because you need to live. The sun still rise every day and you still do what you need to do. It would be weird to say this when it’s over only recently but I am indeed coping fine on my own. I wouldn’t say that I could forget but only because I don’t see why I should erase those memories. Not that it is easy, yes sometimes you think about all those happy days and you do get sad thinking how it’ll never be that way anymore. But it doesn’t hurt me to think about it. Because I choose not to see it as something hurtful.

Instead, I see this as something that wasn’t meant to be. Although it ended quite terribly, that doesn’t mean that I hated the person he became. I still remember all the first experiences I learned from us, how I constantly pushed my limits so I won’t always be in my comfort zone and along the way, thanks to him I have gained so much. I learned to be confident, to take responsibilities and I learned how to love and prioritize. A mistake on his part, although what he did was wrong doesn’t mean that I forget all that he’s done previously. I consider this as what I would say it is what it is meant to be nor do I blame him for what happened.

No, I don’t fill myself with hatred of what’s been done. And trust me, I know the pain you feel when you realize things you don’t want to know wishing that it isn’t true. But in the end, hating will only hurt you more. When a person gets hurt, they need to heal not continue fighting their way round. How do you heal yourself when you have so much anger? So much hatred? Some might feel that I’m stupid for letting this go. But choosing to walk away when there’s so much you could have said and done shows how strong you are because what’s important is not the blame game anymore, but it is to protect your own heart from the pain. I forgive, because in the end why go through the trouble of hating a person and torturing yourself every time you see him feeling like you shouldn’t talk to him. It’s you not anybody else that will feel the pain so why do that to yourself? Let go instead, forgive and pray for better days. I have learnt to love, gave my all and do all that while I grow as a person. In the end, I have no regrets because I know I did my best.

So if you were in my shoe trying to find the logic behind my reason – ask yourself, why drown yourself in sorrow, pain and resentment when you have a choice to make it better? Is it worth it to wallow in misery and spend ages on hating others when during that time you could do many great things that lift you up? The pain you feel, it is because you want it to be there. Don’t hold on to it. Let yourself breathe, be happy and find the little things that matter to you.

People often say they need to escape from all the pain weighing them down, but to me every day when I wake up that’s my escape from yesterday. And I choose to appreciate all the other good things that happens in life instead of letting myself drown.

You think you had it bad, but the truth is what we feel is nothing compared to some of the challenges people face in this world. So don’t ever think that it’s over. Your life, it’s not over. And while you cry because you feel that it’s not the same without him, you can’t live without the other person, God is crying by your side because He would never put you in so much pain unless it is for the better.

So, today I’m letting you know that I’m fine and I’m taking it in one day at a time with laughter, smiles and more laughter 🙂

The inspiration.

Nowadays, I look at the world and all I think about is how to make it better. How to help and reach out to those who are suffering, crying and hopeless. Once upon a time, like any other kid I was ignorant. Ignorant of the world; what matters is the things that happen in my world only, without knowing that this place does not revolve around me. I guess as you grow up you experience more in life and you realize that you have the power to make a difference. It isn’t what that inspired me but it was whom. Tunku Zain, the one leader in Malaysia I truly respect and no doubt probably the best (this is me being biased though) changed my perspective in life. I came across an article written by him on the newspaper about changing Malaysia and the first thought that came into my mind was that he writes it in a way to make people think of the matter and rationalize it for themselves instead of telling the readers what to think. He doesn’t influence people’s choices but instead he creates awareness on the issue and let people decide for themselves what should be done. Since that day, I constantly keep up with the things he does for Malaysia. And to be honest, the things he’s done so far has always been about helping others or Malaysia. He’s worked all over the world and with that valuable experiences he shares it with people, empowering the children today and make the difference he can in Malaysia. Not only he’s a genius but he writes, he participate in charity organizations, he give talks all the time and he makes time for the people. If you’re not familiar with his title, you would have thought that he’s just an ordinary citizen of Malaysia. He does not put himself above others, instead he tries to be as close as possible to show how much he care for his people. And even when he already have so much to offer he is constantly educating himself, travelling all over the world to gain more knowledge. Tunku Zain might already know this but he is truly an inspiration to many people out there. He gives back to the society in ways that he can, he helps shape the mentality of Malaysian citizens and he reach out to those who needs help.

Not only that he’s accomplished so much, but even with all that success, title and wealth he is never arrogant. You can see from his personal instagram account just how loving and caring he is towards others. And I hope one day there are children that will call him father because children deserve people like him as their father. One glance at him and you already know that if he were to have kids, they would be showered with so much love and kindness. And to see how amazing of a person Tunku is despite the challenges he faced in life is just truly inspiring. I learnt so much from him, and this is just through observing what he does. I don’t even know him personally but yet he taught me so much especially about how I can make a difference in this world within my own capabilities.

He’s done so much for Malaysia and for that, thank you. Thank you for giving Malaysians hope, for being the person he is and inspire people.

Tuesday thoughts.

Recently, I wrote an article for a charity organization that focus on women empowerment and also to motivate other girls out there that it’s okay to make mistakes and be different. It was a volunteer project I did as a United Nation Online Volunteer. You can also participate in similar projects by becoming a UN online volunteer yourself and inspire others every day 🙂

“Back when I was younger, I used to have trouble wearing hijab. I was quite young when I hit puberty and although I’ve been explained about my duty to cover the hair, I still had difficulties wearing it. It wasn’t rare to see a girl wearing hijab in schools. In fact where I come from, wearing hijab in some schools are compulsory. But I looked around at society and I thought wearing hijab prevented me to be part of society, to do the things most girls do at my age. I got rebellious, taking off my hijab every now and then so I could flick my hair like other girls and feel appreciated when boys talk to me. I wanted to be like one of the popular girls in school, be part of the group that every single person adores.

That phase was challenging and difficult for me.

I browsed through magazines, looking at the beautiful outfits women wear and I was very unhappy the fact that I can never wear clothes like them. From what I see, my religion was at fault because instead of allowing me to be accepted by society it is like a barrier that keeps me away from reaching out and be like other people. Of course it was very silly of me to think of it that way. I am in no way degrading my religion and I know religion is personal to everyone. That was a thought I had when I was younger, but I grew up and learned and I love my religion now. My parents knew how vulnerable I was back then as I was in that teen phase so they allowed me to take off my hijab with the promise that I will wear it permanently one day. For some reason I was glad that my parents wasn’t forcing me because that would have just made me rebel even more but at the same time they knew where to draw the lines and pull me back when I drifted too far. Little did I know back then that you don’t have to change who you are just to be accepted by society. Just because I wasn’t wearing a hijab that does not mean the society would love and adore me.

There is always something wrong with me where the society is concern.

I’m too short, I shouldn’t take off my hijab, I should be skinny, I should have longer hair, I should be this I should be that.

There are friends who love me regardless of what I wear and friends who judge me when I take it off saying that I am a disgrace to my religion. There are also friends who praised me for taking off my hijab, comforting me by saying that I look prettier without hijab. Instead of feeling like I finally belong, I actually got more confused. I started feeling insecure with myself more often. Trust me during that age when you’re just growing up and the world is not about Barbie and cartoons anymore, you will be desperate to find anything or anywhere that you belong to, to find a pack on your own and feel wanted. I thought I should be a certain size to be pretty, talk and act in a certain manner to be loved and do things that put me at risk just because I wanted to be that cool kid everyone likes. I even tried wearing makeup which only made my skin worst because I have a sensitive skin because it’s what society did so I had to do it too. Being accepted by society was more important than what my parents’ opinions are. It wasn’t a pretty phase for me honestly.

I regretted some of the mistakes I made but I was thankful that after going through that phase I realized certain things.

What you wear is not significant but how you are as a person is.

My true friends love me because of my personality not because of other reasons. You should never lose yourself just to belong somewhere. When we become older, everything in this world seem like a wide canvas ready for us to explore and paint it as how we like it. Some of us had smooth sailing while some went through rough experiences before they found answers to their questions.

So I want to let you girls out there today know that it is alright to be different.

You don’t have to be someone else just to fit in.

What truly matters is how you value, respect and love yourself.

Everyone is different in their own way and a person shouldn’t be judged based on what they wear, their beliefs, gender or their skin color.

If you feel that you are alone and you don’t have anywhere to belong, you should know that there is always one place where you belong and that place is your heart. It is the only place that matters and it is why you should always cherish and love yourself. We all are different but that is what makes us unique.

Today, I can say that I am comfortable being me and what I wear does not prevent me from doing anything. Wearing a hijab does not make me feel oppressed. I don’t feel insecure with my appearance and I eat like a champion. I exercise because I want to be healthy and I take good care of myself because that is how I appreciate my body. I do the things that I love even if that means it is not cool for society’s standard. In fact I am happier now because I have truly come to love and respect myself.

So never be ashamed of who you are.

You do you and be awesome.”